About Us

Our Story

At Fitsifu we’re passionate about impacting and transforming lives through fitness. We believe that with the right knowledge, guidance and tools, everyone has the power to change their lives and become the best person they can be.

Whether you’re someone who’s never done a push-up in your life or are a dedicated gym-goer, there’s always something for you to experience. Fitsifu is for everyone, regardless of experience, profession, health or stage of life.

Our mission is to build the #1 digital fitness platform for Asians, powered by close-knit community of users and experts supported by leading edge design and technology. Designed especially for Asian users, Fitsifu caters for lifestyles, diets, and cultures that are unique to the rest of the world.

Our Credo

We believe that:

Everyone’s journey is personal

Know that your body is unique, and that every individual progresses at his and her own pace. There will be ups and downs along your journey but use every experience to bring you closer to your goal. Don’t give up and never let others deter you from your goal.

Fitness is a balance of body, mind and nutrition

It’s not just about looking good. It’s also about eating right and feeling great.

Achieving with others makes it more rewarding

Connecting with like-minded people will help keep you motivated and accountable to your fitness goals.

As the proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Learning is a life-long adventure

Learning opens the mind to new horizons. It could be a new skill, expertise or simply a better way to do something. No matter how accomplished you are at something, remember that even the greatest minds that ever lived are constantly learning.

Long term progress is better than short term gains

Success isn’t measured by the speed in which you achieve. It’s about your determination and the effort that you put in. There are no short cuts to success.

Last updated on 29 November, 2017