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At Fitsifu we’re passionate about impacting and transforming lives through fitness. We believe that with the right knowledge, guidance and tools, everyone has the power to change their lives and become the best person they can be.

Whether you’re someone who’s never done a push-up in your life or are a dedicated gym-goer, there’s always something for you to experience. Fitsifu is for everyone, regardless of experience, profession, health or stage of life.

Our mission is to build the #1 digital fitness platform for Asians, powered by close-knit community of users and experts supported by leading edge design and technology. Designed especially for Asian users, Fitsifu caters for lifestyles, diets, and cultures that are unique to the rest of the world.

hiit workouts & EXERCISES

Beast Warmup

5 min

Get your body pumped and ready for combat!

4-Minute HIIT

6 min

For those of you with really busy schedules, have a go with this 4 minute HIIT workout. It'll be fast and intense and you will really work up a sweat.

15-Minute Total Body Workout

16 min

Rushing for work or have a busy schedule? No problem, all it takes is 15 minutes and we'll be left feeling fresh and good!

Warrior Cardio Intro

3 min

Level up your stamina and go the distance in the ring! This is an introduction to the Warrior Cardio workout.

10-Minute Beginner Low Impact Cardio Workout

10 min

If you are just starting out and struggle with joint pains in the past, this 10 minute low impact cardio workout is just for you. Remember to take it slow and easy and take a break if you have to.

15-Minute Upper Body Workout

18 min

Train up your upper body strength in this workout. We will be working our arms and chest in this 15 minute routine.

Walk Your Way Beast-ress!

38 min

Aim to master basic forms with high reps.

Sweat Party!

60 min

Looking for a giant set to whip your body into shape? This workout is guaranteed to have you sweat and burn!

5-Minute Warmup

5 min

5 simple stretches to energise your morning for you to have an AMAZING day ahead! Do these exercises daily 1st thing in the morning.

Kickboxing Inspired Workout

26 min

Looking to have a more combat-oriented workout? In this workout we will be workout our entire body through a series of kickboxing inspired exercises.

Basic Cardio

7 min

Get your heart pumping and torch those calories!

The Lazy Girl Workout

43 min

Exercises that doesn't require you to stand at all! Can be done while watching tv!

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