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Strengthen and tone your shoulders, arms, back and chest.

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upper body workouts & EXERCISES

Chiseled Chest

41 min

This workout is designed to work your chest to achieve that Greek god-like chiseled physique!

Upper Body Toner

45 min

Tone up that upper body to look good in your next beach outing! This workout will focus on building that sweet sexy upper body.

Back & Bicep

9 min

A strong back and huge biceps can be yours through this simple workout. Now the workout is simple but not easy, there is no shortcut to getting those guns!

4-Minute Plank Challenge

4 min

This workout uses 8 plank variations to develop stronger and leaner abs and arms.

Sexy Beast Back

46 min

This workout is designed to work your back and build it to achieve that sexy beast back you always wanted!

Neanderthal Grip

4 min

Master your grip technique and let nothing slip from your fingers! Especially not your opponent in the ring!

Big Biceps Intro

17 min

This workout is designed to work on your biceps. Here we will learn the techniques to contracting your biceps to build it up. Are you ready for those guns? Let's get started!

Basic Grip

1 min

Strengthen your wrist and fingers for a powerful grip.


29 min

This workout is designed to work on your triceps. We will be hitting every 3 heads of the tricep muscles through the various exercises in this workout.

Shoulder Moulder

7 min

This workout is designed to give you improved muscle definition for your shoulders.

Warrior Grip

2 min

This is an advanced variation of the Basic Grip workout. Master this for powerful fingers and wrist!

Big Biceps

36 min

This workout is designed to work and build your biceps to achieve the guns you wanted!

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