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Strengthen and tone your shoulders, arms, back and chest.

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At Fitsifu we’re passionate about impacting and transforming lives through fitness. We believe that with the right knowledge, guidance and tools, everyone has the power to change their lives and become the best person they can be.

Whether you’re someone who’s never done a push-up in your life or are a dedicated gym-goer, there’s always something for you to experience. Fitsifu is for everyone, regardless of experience, profession, health or stage of life.

Our mission is to build the #1 digital fitness platform for Asians, powered by close-knit community of users and experts supported by leading edge design and technology. Designed especially for Asian users, Fitsifu caters for lifestyles, diets, and cultures that are unique to the rest of the world.

upper body workouts & EXERCISES

Chiseled Chest

41 min

This workout is designed to work your chest to achieve that Greek god-like chiseled physique!

Shoulder Killer

27 min

Bring your game to the next level with my personal shoulder workout formula.


19 min

This workout is designed to work on your traps. Your traps will be sore after these exercises but it will all be worth it when you have bigger and stronger traps.

Chest & Tricep

10 min

Looking for a workout to build up your chest and also your triceps? Here we will focus on specific exercises designed to work your chest and tricep muscles to the next level.

Basic Grip

1 min

Strengthen your wrist and fingers for a powerful grip.

Balance Flow

16 min

Focusing on balancing while standing or arm balancing while working on the shoulders.

Big Biceps

36 min

This workout is designed to work and build your biceps to achieve the guns you wanted!

4-Minute Plank Challenge

4 min

This workout uses 8 plank variations to develop stronger and leaner abs and arms.

Shoulder Moulder

7 min

This workout is designed to give you improved muscle definition for your shoulders.

Sun Salutation Intro

4 min

A traditional yoga flows that involves total body workout from standing down to the mat and back to standing.

Warrior Grip

2 min

This is an advanced variation of the Basic Grip workout. Master this for powerful fingers and wrist!

Big Biceps Intro

17 min

This workout is designed to work on your biceps. Here we will learn the techniques to contracting your biceps to build it up. Are you ready for those guns? Let's get started!

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